ZEMOS98 announce the list of the works participating the DVD 10th Edition


After the valoration of the collective ZEMOS98, we can present the new list of works participating the DVD related to this edition that finished last Sunday, 30th with a great reception from the audience.

The list of works is the following one:

- Lamps #1-#4 de Idan Hayosh. 6 min. 7 seg. Netherlands
- Apple&ei de Ahmet Tas. 5 min. 25 seg. Germany
- Eddie Proctor de Susanna Wallin. 5 min. UK
- Dubus de AV. 4 min. 9 seg. Russia
- Nijuman no borei de Jean-Gabriel Périot. 10 min. France
- Hezurbeltzak, una fosa común de Izibene Oñederra. 4 min. 30 seg. Spain
- Audio Addiction de Jasmin Jodry y Mo Stoebe. 3 min. 50 seg. UK
- Music to observe electronic sheep to pt.1 de Sven König 5 min. 24 seg. Switzerland
- Lo que falta se lo llevó el viento de Pablo Domínguez Sánchez 3 min. 7 seg. Spain. Premio RTVA y Cajasol, Mejor Creación Andaluza.
- Aprop de Aitor Echeverria. 6 min. 20 seg. Spain. Public Prize
- 18 segundos de Bruno Zacharías y MacGregor. 6 min. 58 seg. USA. Public Prize.

Closing ceremony ZEMOS98 10th edition

ZEMOS98 10th edition is finished. Since 24th March we have had a lot of activities and hundreds of users have been to the festival in the different venues: Teatro Alameda, Center of Arts of Seville, Tetro Central, Teatro Lope de Vega, Fundación Tres Culturas. This has been the most visited edtion in the history of ZEMOS98.

About 12.000 people have followed the different audiovisual concerts, screenings, workshops, conferences, presentations, etc. Apart from that, this web site has received thousands of visits. Web users could follow the conferences LIVE and could be witness of the activities thanks to the excellent work of documention in photography, video and chronicles (http://www.zemos98.org)

ZEMOS98 received this year almost 800 works in video from more than 50 different countries. The Official Selection was be screened on the final two days of the Festival in the Teatro Alameda with the 20 best works received according to the opinion by the ZEMOS98 collective. ZEMOS98 will edit a DVD in July 2008, which will contain the best videos from the Official Section, the list we’ve highlighted above.

The Back to the Future Encounters have been the centre of the festival. Inside this framework there have been 10 workshops in which 150 people (participants, teachers, collaborators) have participate. Critical powers and OPEN ZEMOS (conferences and spoken presentations), with important international dicourses, have been added to these workshops. Among the participants, as the activities were free entrance, there were a lot of people attending the talks in the caS (Center of Arts of Seville).

Audiovisual Concerts have presented in Spain several international artists (Sofa Surfers, The Light Surgeons, Pansonic or Doravideo), apart from the opening show with the mix of Israel Glaván, Fernando Terremoto y Orthodox.

ZEMOS98 collective have also coordinated the Andalusian Observatory of Audiovisual Creation and New Technologies inside the context of ZEMOS98 Audiovisual Festival (10a edition) in Fundación Tres Culturas.

Finally, the organization has announced the winner of the "bike 2.0". The winner has been Pep Durán, one of the participants of the workshops who lives in Vic, Barcelona.


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