Time stopped


Man Ray’s short film ’Back to the Reason’ (1923) was chosen by Israel Galván to start his performance. The flamenco dancer has created a brilliant score with his tap-dance over the images. Three minutes of this avant-garde flamenco made a sort of prologue for the show. He turned up on the stage in a very deep silence. His flamenco dance, based on the dynamics of movement and silence, was like a miracle of intimacy, and left the audience in a state of splendid abstraction.

Then it came Terremoto’s turn, who seemed to be daring the audience with his presence. Different electronic tones gave reference notes to the flamenco singer, who alternated varied styles of singing. At the end of his perfomance, he recited: "It seems time has not passed / Time stopped / Just ’cause I had never forgotten / The taste of those kisses". Back to the future, audience’s applause.

From a thick cloud of smoke loomed up out the tree members of Orthodox. Dressed with the penitent’s clothes, they created a mistery and meditation atmosphere between post-rock and chamber music. Orthodox did a very singular interpretation of the Passion of Christ: solemn and ritual heavy-metal, extended by long drones and some touch of psychedelic rock. Their performance was quiet and inexorable, like a sacrifice.

With the audience already shocked, Galván, Terremoto and Orthodox brought together their styles and raised them to their best limits. It was not flamenco, nor heavy-metal. It was something different, like a place in which time diluted and gravity was hard-broken. That’s why at the end of the concert, the audience gave a large ovation to the artists, confirming that risk makes friends.


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