The audiovisual alphabet


“Less than twenty years ago we had no more than a single television channel; the bursting of new digital windows has been so fast that audience hasn’t been able to get an opinion”. With this reflection, Félix Gómez-Urda, director and producer of the Young Filmmakers International Film Festival of Granada, started his speech. “It could seem Stalinist –he said-, but if the audivisual contents are not included in our educational system, some organizations must defend that teaching”. Gómez-Urda took as an example his own initiative in the festival of Granada. They asked the audience to choose some films from the whole selection: “We want to give the audience the capacity of choice, that’s why we want them to be educated in an audiovisual sense, ‘cause there are lots of contents today”. He also justified the decisive role of festivals in the contents distribution: “In the future, they’ll be the only real platforms to see a certain kind of films”.


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