Marzo 2010

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Screenings: Official section

In ZEMOS98, the subject matter and genre are open – and what does the author’s age or nationality matter? We are committed to video as a medium and to synthesis as a narrative value. The jury is made up of the festival organisers, who use their own criteria to choose the set of works that they think will form the best possible Official Section.

So we’re pleased to present what we think is the best Official Section possible – based on an international call for submissions that resulted in over 700 videos submitted from more than 50 different countries - which will be the base of the 10th ZEMOS98 DVD.

We invite you to attend the screenings at the Teatro Alameda on Friday the 28th and Saturday the 29th of March and vote for the videos you like best. The video with the most votes will win the audience award and be included in the DVD.

Official section 1. Friday 28th, March

Teatro Alameda, C/ Crédito, 11. 21h.
Free entrance

- Lamps #1-#4 - 6 min. 7 sec. - Idan Hayosh – Netherlands

[Four chapters of lamp formations and their audio recordings]
recorded currents and bursts sound from lamps/lighting systems, involving the sound with the objects’ imagery in basic symmetric compositions. it is an experiment in evoking certain confrontational appearance and thus danger with the lamps’ appearance. The videos are a depiction of charged power and surprise caused by the extension of infrastructure materials to extreme and total performance.

- Apple&ei - 5 min. 25 sec. - Ahmet Tas - Germany

Apple & Ei is the first part studying the melody of European markets. Often there is a relation between the colonial history and the markets today.

In Berlin 4 times a week 8 hour a day Turkish emigrants sing for an apple & ei.

- Eddie Proctor - 5 min. - Susanna Wallin – United Kingdom

Inside a suburban table tennis centre, a group of people kill their time playing ping-pong. On one winter’s evening, Eddie Proctor steps out of the game.

- How to Pick up Girls - 3 min. 52 sec. - Dan Gitsham – United Kingdom

A Dull Man. A Vibrant Girl. A demented lesson in how to pick up girls.

- Aprop - 6 min. 20 sec. - Aitor Echeverria – Spain

The dream interrupted by the friction of an unfamiliar skin. The gentle caress of a finger cross the back. The sigh of that voice that invites you to play. The most daily gestures, seen closely, turn into an extraordinary dance.

- H2O - 6 min. - Studio Brutus / Citrullo Int - Italy

H2O is a scientific lab, a water container, where primordial unicellular beings who grow, evolve and multiply, germinate.
Visual pulsations emerge from the dark, fragments of an unresolved identity, doomed to a restless mobility. What remains is the reflex of light, the intuition of a placid collision, floating, fluid, elusive. Water, palpable container. It can be seen, it can be heard. A dive in a shaded universe of indefinite and mobile contours, for the only possible duration: that of the apnoea.

- Mosca - 1 min. - Juan Manuel Arata - Argentina

What is time? Why we deppend on a convention invented by ourselves? In historical terms the life of a man is nothing. But none of us feels that in this way. For example a fly doesn´t live more than a month, how it feels?

- Tiempo – 6 min. - Fernando Ruiz Romero - Spain

The time undergoes a process of humanization which convert it in a more and more relative and imperfect concept. Like a symptom of this disease, Time is a victim of one of the most complex of the human emotions.

- Dubus- 4 min. 9 sec. - AV - Russia

A slow dance of the classical cinema to the music of Zelany Rashoho

- Nijuman no borei - 10 min. - Jean-Gabriel Périot - France

Hiroshima, 1914-2006.

- The Song - 5 min. 30 sec. - Michael Peterson - Canada

Late one night, a song travels through a library having an amorous effect on the strangers who are fortunate enough to hear it.

Official section 1. Saturday 29th, March

Teatro Alameda, C/ Crédito, 11. 21h.
Free entrance

- Taxi? - 5 min. - Telmo Esnal – Spain

The taxi drivers of the city have received a course about the kindness. If you aren’t tall enough, you won´t arrive to your destination.

- Cinco contra uno – 10 min. 36 sec. - Jorge Naranjo – Spain

Dani is twelve years old and he is in love with Monica, the girlfriend of the brother of her best friend: Pablo. He also knows that he has no oportunity to ever kiss her, until the day that her own love are threatened and needs to be defended.

- 18 segundos - 6 min. 58 sec. - Bruno Zacharías y MacGregor – United States of America

Amy and Jack don´t know each other. They live in two different cities. But they both do exactly the same things in the same seconds. Today they will meet for the first time.

- Under construction - 9 min. 55 sec. - Zhenchen Liu – Frane

Due to Shanghai’s regeneration scheme, old buildings are being demolished, and consequently almost 100 000 families are being forced to move each year. “Under Construction” explores the human implications of the Shanghai Planning Office and its Property Developers operations. Photographs are composed and animated with documentary shots; the film proposes a voyage through the destruction of a district of the city…

- Hezurbeltzak, una fosa común - 4 min. 30 sec. - Izibene Oñederra - Spain

Hezurbeltzak is a word in Basque wich doesn´t appear in any dictionary. It is a nonexistent word for designate a groups of people socially invisible. Literal translation: "blacks bones."

- La marea - 8 min. - Iván Sáinz Pardo, Jim - Box, Dirk Soldner - Spain

Two friends, surfing, a beach and something very strange.

- Audio Addiction - 3 min. 50 sec. - Jasmin Jodry y Mo Stoebe – United Kingdom

A scientist discovers the incredible power of ultra-low audio frequencies while experimenting in his bizarre laboratory. Amid rats, electronic equipment and a collection of obscure tools he embarks on a secret mission investigating the potential of sonic weapons. During a breakthrough, he identifies a frequency specifically dangerous to living organisms. But through a manufacturing mistake at the record factory, his sounds hit the public where they have drastic effects…

- Music to observe electronic sheep to pt.1 - 5 min. 24 sec. - Sven König - Switzerland

This piece is an (actually unwanted) homage to the conductor Herbert von Karajan. It is the first elaborated attempt to apply techniques that Sven König have originally developed for his projects in audiovisual recordings of concerts of classical music. After having previously mainly worked with commercial music videos of the late 80’s and the early 90’s as the source material, König wanted to try something completely different to be able to focus more on the purely aesthetic qualities and properties of both the source material and the resulting new piece.

- Lo que falta se lo llevó el viento - 3 min. 7 sec. - Pablo Domínguez Sánchez - Spain

This audiovisual creation is based on an attempt to influence the espatio-temporal structures own of the video format with the intention to create a narrative composition parallel to the usual. This way it is also as an exercise of "recycling" starting from audiovisual material already checked and produced; this first step of the capture is annuled to be based in the mounting, a mounting different and parallel to the original, because definitely the author is interested in conducting a mounting based on the intention of influencing the nature of the narration. It parts of the total length of the film “Gone with the wind” to obtain a narrative of 3 minutes, It summarizes more than three hours of film in a little over three minutes.

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