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Tokyo, City of Mexico, New York, Moscow and Bombay. Colossal concentrations of buildings, vehicles and people, of which their hidden neighbourhoods have hardly been seen. ‘Megacities’ (1998), by Michael Glawogger, showed us that other reality of metropolis. Eight years later, Timo Novotny retrieved part of the original footage not used in that film and added almost a 70% of new shooting filmed by the same cameraman, Wolfgang Thaler.

That’s the origin of ‘Life in Loops’, the live cinema project we could enjoy last night at Teatro Alameda. An amazing remix of images that gave them just the rhythm they needed to have. In some place between videocreation and videoclips, nevertheless the charm of ‘Life in Loops’ comes from its cinematographic shooting in 35 millimetres. An editing that evokes the work of filmmakers (like Michel Gondry or Spike Jonze) that, in fact, have reached a great reputation thanks to their videoclips.


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