Flamenco & Sci-Fi


"Flamenco is not older than science fiction", has stated Pedro G. Romero, artistic director of this concert which began as a proposal from ZEMOS98 and Mar Villaespesa, who is coordinating the Back to the Future Meetings.

As far as he’s concerned the flamenco dancer Israel Galván, who won the National Dance Price in 2005, is one of the most innovative and experimental artists in flamenco’s world. He has described tonight’s show like this: "First I stand alone on the stage, creating some sort of atmosphere till it comes Fernando Terremoto’s way of singing, so deep and intense; then Orthodox meet us with their heavy-metal style and fill the holes that shape the puzzle".

Pedro Jiménez, coordinator and programmer of ZEMOS98, has defined it as "a risky and different performance, which fits very well the aesthetic and artistic aims of this Festival".


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