Architectures of sound


d is the alias for Sevillian artist David J. Fonseca, who has published the EP ‘Car Ga Ga’ (2007) with that pseudonymous. However, his last night’s performance left the most melodic passages of that work which, through the processing of pianos and guitars, recalled the sound of Fennesz or even the music from the more pop-oriented German label Morr. Instead of it, d was ready to show the most experimental side of his project. Based on the repetitive structures of minimal music, he deployed a large catalogue of buzzing, distortions and other forms of digital error, bringing us near to glitch sound.

Tension Co. introduced themselves with the background of their musical paths. Miriam Blanch played as bassist in many pop-rock bands before moving to electronic scene with the alias MIR, while José Mª Pérez-Flor is well-known some years ago with the nickname Synthetic Mouse. Last night, video-jockey jVH2Ö was with them, illustrating their atmospheric, intense and noisy sound.


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