Marzo 2010

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Andalusian Observatory of Audiovisual Creation and New Technologies

ZEMOS98 collective coordinates this Andalusian Observatory of Audiovisual Creation and New Technologies inside the context of ZEMOS98 Audiovisual Festival (10a edition). A project and initiative by ZEMOS98 together with Consejería de Cultura de la Junta de Andalucía and Fundación Tres Culturas del Mediterráneo, with the participation of Proyecto Lunar.

29th - 30th March 2008
Fundación Tres Culturas del Mediterráneo
Pabellón Hassan II
C/ Max Planck 2, 41092
Isla de la Cartuja - Sevilla

What is the observatory?

By definition, observatories are places where phenomena are observed. There are many kinds of observatories, according to the kind of discipline that corresponds to the phenomena being studied. These places are generally dedicated to astronomical or meteorological installations and observatories are usually located in places with suitable weather or other conditions for observing the objects of study.

We believe that, to open a new space for observing phenomena related to the audiovisual sector and new technologies in Andalusia, with an integrated process of reflection relating to research, production and innovation in these fields, the main point of reference should be the ZEMOS98 Audiovisual Festival.

The expansion of digital terrestrial television (DTT) channels, television-on-demand and personalised content, the rapid growth of internet video platforms (the YouTube phenomenon, Joost...), IPTV, videoblogging and mobile television... These are some of the reasons why the audiovisual scene has clearly undergone a radical change and audience fragmentation has multiplied the demand for content production. Meanwhile, video has allowed many artists to work with new narrative forms in recent times. Now, more than ever, content is the key to the audiovisual and Andalusia’s digital industry.

The new Andalusian Observatory of New Technologies and Audiovisual Creation, which starts out with the firm conviction that the future of the audiovisual and digital industry lies in content, will be presented within the framework of the tenth ZEMOS98 festival.



9.00h – 10.00h

Reception. Welcome. Coffee.

10h – 11.15h

Presentations of participants.

11.30h – 13.00h

Discussion 1: New digital windows

Chair: Antonio Delgado

Take part: Héctor Milla (, Michel Raluy (programme director of Mecal, International Shortfilm Festival, Barcelona)

13.00h – 14.00h

Presentations of shortfilmmakers Official Section (Programme 1)


Lunch time.

16.30h – 17.30h

Screening Official Section Programme 1

SUNDAY, 30th

9.00h – 10.00h

Coffe and photograph of the observatory.

10.00h – 11.30h

Paralel activities:

Option 1. Meeting for Andalusians Only

Option 2. Screening Official Section Programme 2

11.30h – 12.45h

Conversation 2: Watching and distributing audiovisual contents today

Chair: Sonia Blanco

Take part: Eli Lloveras (Hamaca), David Navarro (Celda TV) y Félix
Gómez-Urda (Festival de Jóvenes Realizadores de Granada)

13.00h – 14.15h

Presentations of shortfilmmakers Official Section (Programme 2)


Lunch and presentation of RTVA and Public prizes, as well as the list of works
participating in the tenth edition of ZEMOS98 audiovisual festival.

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